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Your Medical Provider Network (MPN) provides the services of a Medical Access Assistant (MAA) which is available through a Toll Free number Monday through Saturday (excluding holidays) from 7AM to 8PM (PST). The Medical Access Assistant can assist you with finding a medical provider and/or scheduling an appointment.

For Medical Access Assistance,
please contact Angie Hoefing at
(800) 594-4142 ext. 111

MPN Contact
Networks By Design, Inc.
P.O. Box 820,
Tracy CA 95378
(877) 854-3353

Please see the link to the Complete Written Notice of Employee Rights on this website for directions on how to obtain MPN related notices. If you require a notice not listed in the Complete Written Notice of Employee Rights, please contact your claims adjuster or MPN Contact for assistance in obtaining a copy of the MPN notice.
Welcome to Merchants Building Maintenance MPN. A Medical Provider Network (MPN) is a network of health care providers used by your employer to treat workers injured on the job. The MPN includes a mix of physicians specializing in work-related injuries and physician specialists with expertise in specific areas of medicine.

This website gives you access to the MPN network and provides you with tools to assist you with locating providers by specialty as well as mapping providers from your location through Smart Search. You can also access the Employee Notification to read about your employee rights and obtain an outline of services provided by the networks Medical Access Assistant. This site also includes a "Help" section on how to use this site.